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Software Product Manager, Purchasing Systems

MatHem pioneered and leads online grocery shopping in Sweden. The Swedish grocery market is worth $30B annually and we are going after a large slice of that pie. In comparison, the global music streaming market is worth $19B annually. We are dedicated to creating an outstanding experience for our customers - from planning purchases with your family until the milk is in your fridge. At MatHem you have a rare opportunity to use Tech to put a positive dent in peoples’ lives. The smile on people’s faces when the groceries are handed over is priceless. We create more time for whatever people love - cooking, family time, exercise and work. 

We have high ambitions and are undergoing a transformation into a Tech company. We look for strong people with ambition to make a large impact on our customers and our company. You will have all the opportunities to do so. MatHem is backed by Kinnevik who has a track record of backing companies that successfully transform industries - from media to telco.


We’re looking for a product manager to join our supply chain domain. The supply chain domain ensures that our customers receive the groceries they want in high quality and in a timely manner while making sure that our overall supply chain is efficient and scalable to enable growth while keeping our customers happy.

The supply chain consists of three main areas. The Purchasing Department buys all the groceries from our suppliers. The Warehouse department makes sure that all MatHem grocery bags get picked with precision and efficiency. The Distribution Department manages the large fleet of trucks and drivers that brings groceries to your doorstep. 

 MatHem leads the way in using technology for operating an online grocery business as we transform grocery shopping. There are many new opportunities and challenges to operate and scale supply chain for an online grocery store, such as: 

  • Using new signals from users and prediction models to better manage supply and demand.
  • Technical integrations with many different partners to get accurate information faster about the flow of goods.

You will work hands-on with the engineering teams and help to scale the domain. To reach your goals, you will assess whether to build or buy software. You understand how to prioritize the outcome and enjoy having honest priority conversations with stakeholders. You own backlogs and roadmap and work closely with the CPO and management team to set the vision, strategy, and plan. 


Experienced: We look for several years of software product management experience, preferably with supply chain, logistics, B2B, business stakeholders and/or e-commerce. You enjoy working with data and appreciate and understand business processes. It is a large plus if you have prior experience of integrating different large software systems.

Hands-on: You enjoy interacting closely with engineers, data analysts, and many stakeholders. You appreciate spending time together with your teams, take part in all weekly routines and do what is required for your teams to perform at the top. You need to understand complex physical product flows to build effective software.

Leadership skills: You have the ambition and drive to take a leading product role in a growing domain. In previous roles, you have demonstrated leadership skills. You understand the value of communication and inclusiveness.

Decisive: We are here to win and we need to move quickly. You are courageous, dare to take decisions and well-informed risks. 

Synthesizing: You are great at clearly articulating problems and needs, based on large amounts of information. 

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