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Backend Developer - Elasticsearch

At MatHem we are all about convenience. We create more time for whatever people love - cooking, family time, exercise, and work. We are dedicated to creating an outstanding experience for our customers - from planning purchases with your family until the milk is in your fridge. Working with us, you have a rare opportunity to put a positive impact on peoples’ lives. The smile on people’s faces when the groceries are handed over is priceless.

Speaking about convenience, our search at our website increases our customer experience by facilitating finding the right products. In this role you will be our wizard in the Elasticsearch engine; leading, developing, and creating best practices. Thus, you are not only working towards the end-goal of saving our customers’ time by not having to go to the grocery store, but also directly shorten the time they have to spend placing the orders.  

This is why you should join us!

At MatHem we’re working with pure cloud serverless architecture and modern microservices. We develop new functions in C# or node.js on AWS Lambda, use DynamoDB table that triggers events on updates that other services can consume, and automatically deploy to our test and production environments using AWS CodePipeline. We strive to continuously nurture a curious and forward-leaning approach to software development, evaluating new technologies as well as open source. We have a “you build it, you run it” way to develop and operate our software, which includes developers to develop test automation and deploy the code to production.

You will be part of a creative and helpful environment with a lot of heart. Our international environment consists of skilled yet humble people, who love to share their knowledge. When you want a break, there is probably a colleague up for a game of table tennis or a coffee, or you could just fill your inspiration by watching the beautiful view of Skeppsholmen. The managers will believe in you and have a great openness to your thoughts and way of working. And we will always aim for you to be comfortable being yourself! Due to the current situation, most of us are working remotely and that is applied for this position as well until things change. 


In this role, you will be part of the team working with the products and recipes on the website. You will be the expert and have a focus on the highly prioritized Elasticsearch. You will set up Elasticsearch clusters from scratch as well as maintaining and managing it. As the expert on the subject, you will also be the go-to person and educate others in the team on Elasticsearch. 

The role is mainly backend but if you have an interest in working frontend as well we are open to a full-stack role. 

At MatHem we generally use this tech stack: 


  • Serverless (lambda & dynamodb) 
  • Event-driven (sqs, sns & event bridge) 
  • Microservice architecture (api gateway + lambda) 
  • Bounded and pragmatic contexts 
  • Managed services if no serverless (e.g Elasticsearch) 
  • Infrastructure as Code (Cloudformation & SAM) 
  • Observability (kibana & cw for logs and datadog for dashboards, alerts and metrics)

Coding languages (agnostic mindset in general even though C# is the tool for this specific role)

  • dotnet core 
  • nodejs 
  • python
  • angular 
  • react 
  • swift 
  • kotlin


  • Analytics (BigQuery, GA, GO, GTM and our own data from AWS) 
  • ML (we also use Sagemaker in AWS) 
  • Datahem

What we are looking for:

  • Experience and preference in working in C#
  • Experience and good knowledge of Elasticsearch
  • Experience in one of the CI/CD tool, such as GitLab, GitHub, or similar
  • Experience in unit testing and mocking
  • Agile way of thinking based on Scrum/Kanban
  • A balanced way of thinking with respect to both technical excellence and business goals
  • Work permit in Sweden

We would also prefer if you have:

  • Hands-on experience with AWS
  • Experience in working with distributed systems

So… do you wanna go bananas with us?

Apply here

Our selection process is continuous and we may move forward with candidates on an ongoing basis.

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Inte nog med att vi är marknadsledande och har väldigt nöjda kunder, vi är också ett växande team som arbetar hårt för att ständigt förbättras tillsammans.

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